What We Do

What We Do

Digital Health Strategy

We work with health organisations across the public and private sector to develop Digital Health Strategies.  These strategies explore the potential for new models of care based on digital technology, including mobile apps, consumer health devices and wearables, digital health communities, consumer genomics, precision medicine, Patient Reported Outcomes, gamification, etc.

Whilst traditional eHealth strategies focus on driving supply-side efficiencies in healthcare, Digital Health Strategies extend this to include demand-side levers.  Through the power of digital technologies and mobile devices, health organisations now have the ability to reach into the pocket of health consumers, changing behaviours and activating both the patient and their carers.


Digital Health Innovation

We work with some of the leading Digital Health innovators across Australia, the United States and Canada, providing Digital Health solutions and developing these tools into genuinely new models of care.  Of particular interest are:

  • Patient Reported Outcomes – Using Patient Reported Outcome measures to monitor the clinical risk of remote patients, allowing early intervention, the activation of the carer network, the use of Clinical Decision Support and risk-based usage of health system resources
  • Gamification – Harnessing the power of intrinsic (i.e. things that come from within such as competitiveness, pride, etc.) and extrinsic (i.e. external reward) motivators to change patient behaviours and reduce the risk of future disease
  • Consumer Genomics and Precision Medicine – Using low cost consumer genome sequencing technology to improve the efficiency of medication prescribing and the accuracy of diagnosis


Engaged Patient and Carer Advocacy

We are passionate advocates of engaged patients and carers, and believe that both have a large role to play in the redesign of the health system to meet the needs of health consumers in the 21st century.

We speak up on behalf of patients and carers, and have spoken openly and honestly at a number of conferences and public forums about our own experiences as patients and carers in the health system.

Our speaking and advocacy services can be engaged upon request.


Medications Management, Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics

We have experience in developing the Australian National Electronic Medications Management Strategy, delivering successful electronic prescribing projects, working on Digital Health solutions for patient-curated medications lists and lecturing in Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics.

At the Department of Health and Human Services in Tasmania, Tim was the first CIO to introduce the use of the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) for coding medications in Electronic Discharge Summaries, as well as the first to make use of CSIRO’s OntoServer for the management of SNOMED CT-AU in Tasmania’s medications management solution.


Health Informatics

We are involved in the Australian and International Health Informatics communities, contributing to the developing of standards to support health information exchange and greater transparency in healthcare.

We are contributors to HL7 Australia and HL7 International Working Group Meetings, and have been involved in the development of the emerging HL7 FHIR standard.


Program and Project Delivery

We don’t just talk about a vision for a better health system.  Our desire is to roll up our sleeves and help deliver, turning new models of care and the use of emerging digital technologies into a reality.  We have clients across Australia and the United States who will attest to our ability to deliver projects consistently, precisely, and with a sense of humour!