About Us

About Us

Semantic Consulting is an Australian company, founded by Tim Blake in 2012.

At Semantic Consulting we are passionate about transforming the health system to become more focused on patients and carers, the most under-utilised resources in healthcare.  We believe that the health system is not capable of reinventing itself from the inside, and that it is patients, along with the disruption brought by new digital technologies that will force a radical reconception of our current Victorian models of care.

Semantic Consulting has a small core team of globally-recognised thought leaders in healthcare, and draw on additional expert resources as required.

We work with clients in Australia, the United States and Canada, offering a range of services in Digital Health Strategy, Digital Health Innovation, Engaged Patient and Carer Advocacy, Medications Management, Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics, Health Informatics and Program and Project Delivery.

If anything on this site has interested you then we’d love to talk with you further.